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As you enter through the majestic gates, topped with burning flames, you feel immediately transported to a magical garden, perhaps in Tuscany or Provence. We have created a space that feels as if you alone have discovered it, as you wonder how on earth you haven’t been here before.

One hundred year old olive trees make a powerful statement as they twinkle with candles in lanterns, or cast speckled sunlight down onto fresh white tablecloths, often adorned with my signature pink or violet flowers.

The many architectural elements indicate the intense thought that went into creating this project. The sides of a nineteenth century Parisian bridge create the fascia of the bar, which is adorned by a plethora of antique crystal chandeliers that are dimly lit. Just behind the bar is a little nook for privacy that one imagines has already been witness to many tête-à-têtes and late night cocktails among the loyal following that VANDER PUMP has created.

There is an antique stone fountain that dribbles softly, adding to the unique ambience that VANDER PUMP has to offer. Reclaimed wood with sumptuous banquette seating is decorated with a feel of old French decadent countryside; mixtures of velvet damasks that you want to sink into. Inside, hanging over the bar, are enormous lanterns that have been rescued from a bygone era, coupled with a smattering of chairs and stools covered in burlap.

Is it eclectic? Certainly, but it is more than that…there is a unique mix of design that has been a labor of love.

Dinner is a casual but rather splendid affair with choices of dishes from around the world, as is so common in California. Crispy Chicken Milanese topped with arugula and tomatoes is a classic that one would expect, but the Pistachio Crusted Salmon, or the Tuna Tartare with pomegranate seeds, or even the delicious Papaya Stuffed with Shrimp & Crab (my own recipe) I believe are a welcome surprise. If one dares to ignore the calorie counting for a second, one can order the Pinky VANDER PUMP Burger, topped with feta cheese and caramelized onions, which is presented on a board with chunky rustic fries!

For dessert there is a decadent selection of homemade pastries which chef Penny Davidi has a passion for. Cream puffs, chocolate ganache cake, or a delicate pink rose mousse seem to exemplify what Pump has to offer.

The cocktail list is extensive and reasonably priced, with a plethora of delicious options. LVP sangria is highly recommended, as you sit back and enjoy the sounds under the olive trees and feel Pumped.

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